Experience underground luxury in the heart of the Australian outback!
Welcome to Dugout B&B in Coober Pedy, where exceptionally unique and modern design meets desert charm.

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No pets allowed in the B&B

The reason is simple.

At the very beginning of the construction of the Dugout B&B a tribe of kangaroos came to settle in the middle of our construction machines.

Kangaroos in front of the Coober Pedy Dugout Underground Bed & Breakfast in Coober Pedy.

They stayed since then and they live in harmony with us and our guests.

Wild animals, not tamed and that we want to keep wild.
They have their own lives and are meant to live. We are happy to live with them while respecting our differences. 

You will be able to see them and understand why we smile all the time.



The story behind the construction of our underground B&B


The construction of Dugout B&B was not just an adventure, but a real challenge that required several years of effort and perseverance. But these years were also filled with pleasure and creativity, as we always knew how to overcome technical difficulties to achieve the design and aesthetic objective we had set for ourselves.

Explore here the making of Dugout B&B